"Heaven is a place where all is mosaic gold.."

Your words resurrect a masterpiece untold..
A child, now grown, her arms unfold
Reaches out to Her savior, Her Lord:

"Forgive me Teta,
I should have been there when you took your last breath...
Only to hear you say: "I am going home, I welcome thee, Death!"

'Tis you who saw my fervent will
'Tis you who praised and loved me still
When all would scorn and dim my light
I'd hear your words..I'd feel their might:

"Remember this child, Envy blinds common sight
Vice incites then ignites, don't be contrite..
'Tis beauty of soul, and words forthright
That make a woman stand upright"

There you sit, up above
enveloped with boundless love
Wearing your 'favorite coat'..
Watching, guiding, smiling
Benevolently upon us all..

Alas! we live to mourn, and then pity our state
Dismayed, we fade.. decayed...
And wonder : "Where is thy justice,
Malevolent Fate??"

Ah......My mind's eye
Sees the passing tribute of your sigh...
Your words resonate,
"Don't cry for me loved ones
Bemused lost souls, Elate!"

"Heaven is a place where all is mosaic gold"

Dedicated To Adele Hatem, Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother( TETA).
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