Insecurity..invades heart and mind
     With its cancerous impurity
        Within..A poet's bleeding pen.
     Aches to erase all past..And present affinity

A mind like no other..such pity
There it goes
Seeking solace..its mother
Others come and go, without empathy
While it, selfishly, selects its own society.

God softly knocks with such majesty..
extended arms with all of his mercy
Reminds them all of their lost dignity..
Fools are those who read blindly, who pray desperately
And only suddenly ..when life bears down with such calamity..

Man quickly forgets and later regrets
And when finally laying in his grave
He desperately tries to trace YOUR face
Dear God, how patient You are indeed
To see him bear fruitless seed...

Such is the human race..
Some find their own place
Some want more space
In the end..all that remains
Is You..  your Heavenly Grace

           Copyright © 2002 Grace Halabi, All Rights Reserved.

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