Dear Stranger....
Copyright © 2000 Grace Halabi, All Rights Reserved.
For those days when you felt all alone...
and your heart threatened to turn to stone..
for all those tears you shed..
for all those moments of regret...
for days gone by...
and nights that sigh..
there is a reason why
we all live then die..

Look around you
Look within you..
From truth you hide..
your shrine is pride..
Your crimes confined..
what's left behind?

Dear Stranger ..

Seek and you shall find..
a love that lifts you high..
Some may say..
beware such tidings of dismay..
Some may doubt
But...Ocean's tide will shout..
What joy there is
what bliss they miss

Dear Stranger..

I tell you this..
There is a reason why pain should be
If only your eyes could clearly see..
If only you could feel..
The joy Dear God has given me...

Fortunate you are to find me
Embrace your agony...
Seek this immortality..
Look ahead..there goes Eternity..
walking hand in hand
with soft spoken Destiny...
Ah..this is Love..
God's majesty
Made perfect this
ocean's Symphony...

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