From pain you longed all earth to flee
God only knows why pain should be
And now you lie beneath the ground
A candle snuffed, once made them proud

In the stillness of a silent night..
In the break of a morning light..
They ache for a smile so bright.

In moments of joy and sadness
In dreams and fits of madness..
They long to hear a soothing melody..
Your voice.. is now, an aching memory 

A mother cannot forget
Clutching her firstborn as he laid to rest
A father may evermore regret
Words he never said ..
Or what he did say instead…

Yet… a son ... his mind intent 
Forsakes his mother’s scent
Leaves behind a father bemused,
“Dear Son, Repent, Repent”

Beseeching to lessen relentless pain
As clouds begin to pour torrential rain ..
 The face of God now shines through..
They asked for mercy..He sent them You...

Perhaps, a bud would leap to leaf 
From every salty seed of grief…
As tears are shed  and hearts lament..
Skies above 
 echo a mother’s cry:
 “Beloved son, will you ever pass 
this way again”???


Copyright © 2001 Grace Halabi, All Rights Reserved.
' Dedicated to Eric & Hayfa Braum , in memory of their son.'..
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