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Two hearts you held in your hands,
Dear Frankenmuth...
Two souls you soothed
Your gentle breeze... ..Our cheeks it teased...
Time stood still, it seemed
Sitting by your river
weaving our dreams...
And there you were,so eager to please
Two lonely hearts
no longer apart..

In spite of tears
and hidden fears...
Frankenmuth, you steered
this carriage of hope ..led by a brown-eyed horse..
Slowly it moved..
As if it knew
these two...
One heart, one mind ..a love like no other kind
And yet we flew
our spirits carefree
A careless whisper..
A stolen kiss... How could we miss..
this joy, this bliss...
Quickly, the sun took cover
the sky turned gray
As if it mourned the end of day.
The time had come
to say good-bye
The sky wept tears
the moon ... it sighed..And sadly we packed
our memories ... intact
Those days are past
but branded, they last..
A tree stands firm ..by a river that runs..
Our love engraved..
shaded from the sun

Dear Frankenmuth..
As we turn to dust..
remember us..
Your medicine a must..for those who trust

Never will we forget..
your river, your moon
Never will we regret.
days that ended too soon

Lovers come and lovers go
but us, You have come to know
Our passion gave you life
And kept your ever shining light
As couples walk hand in hand...
Stealing kisses in the mystic
hours of the night...
Remember us...remember
The love we pledged
The tears we wept..
And , Oh
How good it all felt..

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