Distance rests in between
So many things remain unseen..
Words could never state
As verses in vain abate
A hidden passion so ordained…
Dormant lives, now, assailed.

Benevolent fate..
 I beseech thee,

 Hear my plea:
 His words nourish me
  As they take on wings...  
  His voice soothes me
  As it softly sings...

Were I a free bird, 
I'd clip my wings so he could fly...
                Were I an ocean-kissed sky; 
I'd lift him up, oh, so high...
Were I a sun, ever so bright
I’d give him light, my warmth, my sight...
Were I a rushing river
I'd run so dry so he would no longer
Shed a tear of sad goodbye...

With every ray of sun
I reach for him…
With every moonlit shadow
I long for him…
With every threatening rain drop
I thirst for him…

Sweet freedom of mine
You no longer intoxicate me with your wine
Until the light dims
And my eyes lose sight
Until my heart stops beating
And my soul takes flight..
This prison of gold,
I now desperately enfold

  Copyright © 2006 Grace Halabi, All Rights Reserved.
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