To a Mother, a Sister, a Friend. a Dedicated Employee
To Leonor with Love
From Grace
You once said: “You are here on a mission”….
Uncanny ,,, your recognition…
Precise... your premonition
Of what would come, and what a rendition
You have composed!
A noble heart is now exposed…

Little did you know that this musician
Would soon revise her definition
As earthly provision
Confirms her pure intuition…
That we are but on a journey
Of victories and failures, hopes and fears
And wreaths that are always wet with tears

In spite of ambition, our swift transition
Cannot contain our human condition
Our souls collide and then subside
We laughed, we cried
And, now …we leave it all behind….

Yet……….. a memory remains…
Of a heart sublime,
A beautiful rhyme
Your presence reigns
In mind, in heart,
Your smile sustains...
A work of art.

Remember this: We are never apart
You will never depart…

Your memory…remains

Your work is never done
Dearest ; you have only just begun…

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