Copyright © 2000 Grace Halabi, All Rights Reserved.

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Remember when,
With Shakespeare's pen,
Souls of men
Would sing, back then?
For those who doubt,
These words I shout:
Not Death's embrace..
Nor silent grave
Could dim this light
Dear God has made..

How could such glory fade?
Under His soothing shade
Through all dividing space
He blessed us with His Grace..

Love's anguished face
This book portrays..
Pages slowly unfold...
This secret aching to be told..
Remember this..
Romeo and Juliet
Shared such bliss..
In life they missed
In death they kissed..
And soon, we all sadly must,
Return to earthly dust
But letters of love
Would never know such rust...
There are no gaps
Here between..
Yet so many beauties unseen..
Perhaps you will shed
The many tears we bled...
Or maybe instead..
With naked eyes,
See the life we led..
And hear our sighs
With ears intent..
And weep with us
Tears of regret..

We now must part
But never in heart...
You soon shall see
What men have dreamed
And few have captured..
This love, this rapture..
What joy indeed! To reach such stature...