Days have gone by..
and it seems like years...
saddened hearts, fallen tears..
silent memories and Frankenmuth souvenirs...

Fragments of broken dreams..
finally mending at the seams..
Intoxicating touches...passionate sighs..
Moonlight kisses, loving eyes..
River walks and cuckoo clocks...
Christmas lights and carriage rides..
Sunkissed moments on Belle Island
Time stood still...All was silent..

Stolen years I cannot give you back..
but love, the ink, a poet's pen must have..
will raise the curtain, I am certain...
I give you words of vows intact..

Our book, a song, will soon reveal
the very pulse of this machine..
A sweet caress that no one sees..
A man whose fire could not dwell...
or be restrained by crypts of hell...

Bars of prison, could not keep..
this hidden wealth contained indeed
So long as we shall live..
So long as rivers run,
and birds shall sing
Our story lives and gives life
to those we leave behind..

Copyright © 2005 Grace Halabi, All Rights Reserved.

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