Beneath layers of blood and skin
and brown haunted eyes  
Hides a smile behind a shroud ,,,
this I that is not me...

 Another year passes by
another unheard anguished cry
Who is she? The mirror sees eyes so hollow 
this I that is not me...

 She walked with kings
Soared with eagles…
Like steel ..her wings..
She gained such pleasure
Reaching heights ..
She could not measure…

Now, distant church bells toll
life has suddenly changed its course..
A forlorn heart takes a stroll
As sun and soul grow swiftly cold

 The hand of fate quickly claimed
her colored world…now chained…
She faces the inevitable truth..
she cannot claim her stolen youth..

Crowned with thorns, she walked
so proud  
" I will not stumble" , silently she vowed
Her winnings indeed less than her worth..
 But Alas, such is fate, sealed by birth

Years go by as tears run dry..
 I reach to touch her face
but find that I cannot trace
Her smile, her eyes, her silent grace

An empty space must now embrace
This I , that is no longer , me…


 Copyright © 2007 Grace Halabi, All Rights Reserved.
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