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A New Dawn 
Grace Halabi

“Halabi’s compelling poetry ignites our hearts and minds, reminding us of our timeless roots.”—Dr. Jack G. Shaheen, Internationally Acclaimed Author, Professor Emeritus of Mass Communication at Southern Illinois University.

“Grace has the unique genetic gift of having her heart, mind, Mediterranean culture, passion, and pen all united as a tool to be creative and masterful. A must read to appreciate the quality, depth, imagination, and genius of the person and her spirit.”—Dr. Marvin M. Rosenberg, Chairman Of Board, Lab Discoveries, Ltd.

With a sense of refined purpose, Grace Halabi, once again entices all senses with her exquisite assembly of words. Rhythm, rhyme and patterns harmonically balanced in breadth and depth, invite the reader into a sanctuary of beauty and soulfulness.

“A New Dawn”, an inspiring literary collection akin to Khalil Gibran’s style of writing, is indeed a reflection of her roots, as there is elegance in her dictum and nobility in her rebellion. In classic Halabi style, Grace’s beguiling arrangement of words, invites the reader to a world of flagrant truth and nostalgic revival. A banking connoisseur, Grace has been writing for a decade, both as a professional writer/editor and an accomplished poet. Readers are invited to visit her websites at: www.gracehalabi.com and www.xperteditor.com.

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