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A Renascence of Heart and Soul

Grace Halabi

"Originality in Spiritual Revival—Manna for the intellectually hungry. Entice your senses, quench a thirsty soul, witness a noble rebellion, feel the gentle ache of solitude and surrender to truth!"— Halabi is legendary Lebanese, once again. Her poetry is emblematic of a woman's self struggle to ponder hidden truths. In classic Halabi style, her last sanctuary is ultimately resurrected in her mind's eye, emanating, resting and sourced from her soul. She forces you to wonder, to self reflect. Equipped in a self-inflicted war of words, her armed struggle vehemently opposes the imposed wrongs of life, the wrongs of love, the wrongs of destinies. Halabi's pain runs through veins bypassing the heart towards the soul. Her poetry enables the imagination by means of inter-dependent avenues of thought, critical thinking and an innovative integration of reasoning, whereby one finds oneself leveraging from Halabi's "imagistic" words seeking a truism towards an ultimate inner peace. Wendy Acho, Executive Director-AMEAC Women Business Council.


"From the majestic mountains of Lebanon, Grace’s voice echoes in the valley below. She takes us on a journey where love, pain, suffering, hope—all human feelings are revealed in beautiful lines of insightful poetry. All is experienced under the Grace of God…"—Karim El-Koussa , Author and 2001 Winner of the Saeed Akl Prize for Literature.

As a passionate and pensive child, Grace Halabi, spent her childhood years relishing the majestic mountains and the beguiling ocean of her native Beirut. Her love for poetry is akin to that of her father, a linguist specialist for the deaf and mute and an English professor, and that passion is manifested in her collection of eloquent poetry and prose.

A Renascence of Heart and Soul, profoundly moving with its emotional immediacy, highlights the vitality of her intelligence and the yearnings of her imagination. A Shakespeare, Milton, and Khalil Gibran partisan, her writings reveal a likeness to their wings.

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