As clouds of sadness threaten to consume you,
Let me be the kiss 
that crushes you to your knees..
Into the corner of your mind it flees ..
This kiss that no one sees.. colors your world
A turquoise blue of incomparable peace.

I love you for the man you were,
for the tide you stir
for the man you are, near and far
for the man that you will continue to become..
The part, the sum

I love you for every thought that enters your mind,
and every silent word your lips speak,
You have waited all of your life and finally I am here,
Pouring rain on a desert, ever so dry…

And here you are blue, as vast,…
Your love boundless , as the sky
wiping my fallen tears dry
pledging you'd never say goodbye

The stars may fall
the winds may call..
but in our mind's  eye,
each waking moment celebrates our fortune..
  this magic in turquoise motion..

Hurry...Autumn calls your name
and leaves set our hearts aflame

Copyright © 2007 Grace Halabi, All Rights Reserved.
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