Serendipity gently comes to shore
                    Bringing man to his knees once more
                  Scented with myrrh –Shrouded in mist,
                    An enticing blur –One cannot resist

                    As church bells toll with resonant chime
                Shattering logic and consonant rhyme
              Valiant sense summons things past:
“Malevolent fate is this deja vu it a re-cast?”

                    “But, ah, besieged haunted soul…
                 This creed you claim.. must not disdain
                  A muse’s flame…a celestial stroll..
             ‘Tis neither crime nor secret shame
           ‘Tis royal truth of transient sorrows
                    And beguiling youth man vainly borrows.”

                Serendipity sighs and rests ashore
                   Reclaiming her fateful metaphor
                As man once more, prisoner of his own war
                Bids farewell to a willing bride,
                  Standing there with ardent pride…
                       Afar, in the stillness of the night
   Words incise, without disguise
                       “ Seek and ye shall find?
                     Man! There lies your demise..
                          You find.. Defy and later deny ..
                            The very sting of your mind’s eye…
                    Fate, my friend, has not been so unkind!!!!”

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